Wise Owl Mentoring Program

The Wise Owl Program is the teaching arm of Wise Business Leader. We found early on that we could teach all the best business principles and fold in high performance values based management but within a short period of time the small business owner as pulled back into the daily struggle to exist.
We have found that many small business owners or wannabe business owners do not have the real world experience to navigate the mine fields that are there for growth and development. We bring to the table corporate level experience as well as reality based views. This gives you, the business owner, a competitive edge.
The Wise Owl Program is a one year long mentoring partnership. To enter the program, we interview the applicants and determine if the business has sustainable potential and the owners are the enthusiasm and determination to learn on the job. We create a short term plan that includes our stepping in to help guide you.
We keep our fees extremely reasonable and will even provide some form of financing under certain conditions.
We handle clients who are both within our immediate area and out of state.
If you think you are interested, contact an owl.