Teach The Teachers

Create your own university of learning!

Over the past ten years, we have found that most of our owners or professional practice owners like to teach.   As new employees enter and other employees depart, our clients were finding the cost of teaching was getting prohibitive.  We also found that our clients truly could do the teaching if they have the tools.

Teach the Teachers was born.   We bring owners for business or professional practices to the nearest corporate office to go through the training on values based management and how to develop a high performance work environment.  We then offer them customized teaching modules they believe are adaptable to their firm.  They then go back to their firms or businesses with tools to teach.

We will even customize your HR manual as a teaching tool.  Or any other process or procedure you want.

Once you have completed the Teach the Teachers Program we will give you a password protected portal to our website for an annual fee which allows you to access updated information for your teaching.

Want to be your on university?