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Here’s what the experts are saying.   Most new businesses make it to two years, but by the five-year mark only about half survive.  By ten years, it is down to thirty percent.  Only 25% appear to be around after fifteen years. *statistical information by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Small Business Administration.

Here’s what we see:

Most small businesses start out of necessity, and when there is no business experience, and the owner is learning while working, the business is likely not to be around within twelve to eighteen months.  If they are, they have to redefine themselves to be competitive with other small business owners in the same market.   This causes an additional delay in growth.  A company is or isn’t going to make it by year three.

We make a difference in small business start-ups.  We bring high-level experience to the table.  Our goal is to transfer that knowledge to you, so you know how to run your business.  And if you are at the crucial mid-mark where you aren’t succeeding, we can help you turn around your business.

We teach you how to talk the talk and walk the walk!

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