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Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. The resources available to the entrepreneur business owner creates a high level of performance that drives you to success.

Here is some good old fashion e-know how and places to visit.

If we give you a recommendation we do not accept any gifts, monies or referrals from vendors. These are products or people we know do well with us and our clients.


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Things We Like:


State:   Each state has a place that you file your business entity with.  This is usually called the Secretary of State’s Office.   They always have good advice on forms and needs.

City and County Licenses:  Each city or county has a business license registration office.  Check it out on line and there is usually good advice there as well.

CPA Services:   We use Dees, Dees & Jackson who can operate in any state.  We have found they very much favor the small business owner, there fees are extremely reasonable, and they believe in relationships.  Have never disappointed us or one of our clients yet.  However if you are going to do your own taxes we like TurboTax.   If you need a CPA then always have an agreement of fees and what it covers.  If your CPA doesn’t have a vested interest in seeing you succeed find someone else.

Bookkeeping:   Learn to do your own books until you are bigger. We love QuickBooks Pro.  We have seen far too many people paying high prices for work they can do in an hour or two each week.  And your CPA loves you to do it like this.

Bankers:   We are lucky to have BB&T in our corner.  In North Carolina we believe in North State Bank as a community bank.   Never select a bank until you go meet the business banker, make sure you understand the rules they have in place and get a good feel for who you will be dealing with.

SBA:   Small Business Administration