Values Based Leadership

If you want to build a successful law firm practice, stop looking so hard at ways to bring in new cases and start looking at defining and leading by your values. Today’s consumers can spot a fake a mile away. They want businesses that are authentic and share their values. The internal workings and values of the firm will bring in new business. Are you prepared to lead your staff or firm based on your values?

Defining Your Core Values

Your core values are your principles—what you stand for, and things that you won’t budge on. Here’s an exercise to help you identify those principles:

  1. Make a list of 20 values you believe define you.
  2. Start prioritizing. Look at the first and second values. Which is more important? Keep that one and scratch off the second.
  3. Once you have narrowed the list to 10, review those values you eliminated. Are there any you would bring back to replace one still on the list?
  4. Review your final list of 10 core values and ask yourself if you would be willing to compromise on any of them. If so, remove them.
  5. Now you’ve got your final list.

Now, take that list and next to each core value, write down one way you will carry that value through in your firm. It can be harder than you think. And feel free to email us if you want help.