The Wise Owl: Change

Change is not difficult. Commitment to change is difficult. Understanding the steps of change gives you focus.


It begins with your mindset. Always remember that your belief system is nothing more than what you have experienced, what you have long thought about and what you have bought in to.   What you believe is a combined total of thoughts that you have formed into a belief you live by.  To change you need to understand that your beliefs are based on PAST experiences and may not be relevant today!


By examining your belief system, you start to see why you stay on a path in a certain way.  Belief is knowledge that you can do something or accomplish something based on your past experiences.  When we examine our current belief system our eyes are opened, our opportunities become visible, and vision becomes reality.  Our beliefs control everything we do.  It drives decisions we make. .  We are externally what we believe internally.

We a belief correctly centered based upon NOW, it changes your expectations of the outcome of what you are doing or where you are going. If we believe we can effect positive change, there will be positive change.  A belief system based on relevant living now promotes growth.


What you expect determines your attitude.  Based upon your life experiences which formed beliefs that you thought were correct today, creates a certain expectation. Change the belief and it changes expectations and it determines your attitude.  Your expectations are going to determine your attitude. Unfortunately most people get used to an average life.  They settle for second best.  If you believe you will succeed you will.  If you have gotten the message that you cannot win, you will not win.


Attitude wins over aptitude is a favor saying.  Time and time again we have seen a positive attitude create success in business, in our personal lives, and even in our health.   Once you have the right positive attitude and the belief you can do something and the expectation you will, then your attitude becomes more focused in a positive light.

The past simply is the past.  Your attitude is driven by today’s events and tomorrow’s expectations.  The type of day you have is determined by the first thought that comes into your day.  If you get out of bed with the expectation you will have a lousy day, you will.   If you believe you will have a great day your behavior becomes the person who doing things both consciously and unconsciously to have a great day.


Your behavior at any one given time is what you believe and fill internally.  If you believe someone doesn’t like you, then your acts towards that person or towards decision involving that person gets based on that belief.  What if it simply wasn’t true?

People would rather live with old problems than new solutions.   We want to be comfortable before we are correct.  We like routine but not change.  Even when we know change will promote growth, make life better for us, we resist because we get uncomfortable in the new us.

Until we can get used to living with something that is not comfortable, we cannot get any better.


Change is flat out uncomfortable and we humans tend to avoid it at all cost.  We feel alone while changes in our environment, our relationships, and our own personal growth makes us feel as if we are the only ones going through this. And frankly it makes other people uncomfortable.

A person can fail and see it as a learning experience and become successful from it.  Someone who consistently makes excuses for events happening to them or by them never truly succeed. There growth is stunted.  There are too many ‘if only’ or “if but” that keeps us from reaching our true potential.

Changing your life means taking responsibility for the reality you live in today. It means making yourself look at your life in review.  Instead of blame try to understand.   Jane Fonda said on the Oprah show one time that she always blamed her mother for her lack of self-esteem. Her mother committed suicide when she was 12.  She then decided to go back and look at events in her life to find out why. She found out that her mother was a victim of physical abuse and she suddenly had a shift in her belief system.


You are responsible for the changes that you make in your life, but the good news is, you can make the changes you need to make in your life both personally and professionally.

If you feel you have received a thump on the head that makes you realize that if you do not change you will stay the way you are, then you need to decide you can change.

About the Authors

Owls were considered creatures of wisdom and Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone are no exception as they write as The Wise Owls. With almost a century of experience together in business and life mentoring, Dave and Cheryl bring a new thought process to owning a business and owning your life. Together they live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and through their parent company own Catalyst Group, Inc., home of Wise Business Leader. Watch for the newest book Gone for The Gold: Self-evident truths for living and working coming soon. Questions? Email the Wise Business Leader (a.k.a. Dave Favor).

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