The Human Body Check-up

People are constantly amazed by our energy level and our enthusiasm for what we do and how we live. It is because we stood in your shoes one day and decided enough was enough. We want the same for our clients.

It takes a great deal of stamina to run your own business (or even to think of owning one). There is no such thing as a 9 to 5 day for a business owner (or any professional practice owner for that matter). Add to the fact there is always some stressor on-going whether it is management, marketing or growth. It is only the business owner who sees the business life and the personal life as a 360 project who will create a successful business.

Part of our belief and our way of mentoring is to focus on the person as a whole. We expect our clients to be enthused and focused. When our clients are not in sync with themselves we have great difficulty in making giant leaps for the business.

Simply put: Do you feel healthy? We are not asking you if you are within five pounds of your ideal weight. We are not asking you if you run five miles every day. We are not asking you if you are eating right. We are asking you DO YOU FEEL HEALTHY.

Do you get out of bed each day with a sense of purpose? At the end of the day do you feel like your day was filled with joy and satisfaction that you are doing okay?

At first glance Dave and I probably do not look the ideal picture of health. We could do many things to improve our odds so to speak. However generally speaking we feel good. We have an incredible amount of reserve. We know when we are sick we take care of ourselves but we tend to bounce back. We attack life and are always upbeat and happy. When we feel stress or sick we step back and take care of ourselves.

We have talked to our doctors about our ability to do this at our age and they indicate that what counts frankly is how you feel and not how you look. They tell us our attitude is a strong indicator of what allows us to do that. Sick people feel sick. Healthy people feel healthy. Sick people look sick. Healthy people look healthy.

Our doctors also have asked us this: If you had a serious illness could you survive it: If you had a major life blow can you bounce back? Because we have a positive attitude coupled with a sense of purpose in what we day we tend to be on the right side of bounce back.

If by the time you have read this do not feel in peak health then perhaps this is the best time to examine all aspects of your health. Good health can be defined as your overall state of wellness on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It covers the health of your entire being and extends to your resources, environment and relationships.

Although we’ve become accustomed to examining and treating each of these areas separately, holistic health or wellness implies the health of the whole. In reality, your body, mind and spirit are completely intertwined and cannot be separated. They are aspects of the whole, not separate entities.

Once people truly grasp the importance of the mind-body-spirit-relationship, and address well-being on all levels, the more likely they are to see remarkable healings occur. And they will start to see success on all levels.

We strongly encourage our clients at this time in their lives to get a physical check-up and make sure that you have no physical problems. Certainly if you feel any types of depression or inability to handle stress we strongly insist you see your doctor. There is nothing wrong with seeing a counselor to sort out issues that hold you back. Healthy people get the right treatment. If you are going to take the time to rethink your goals why don’t you rethink your health?

We advise our clients to think of this as a time to spring clean your mind, body and spirit and to start on an amazing journey. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel good within, and we feel good about where we are going, the energy of each day propels us forward to our goals. How you take the journey is more important than the destination. We know!

About the Authors

Owls were considered creatures of wisdom and Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone are no exception as they write as The Wise Owls. With almost a century of experience together in business and life mentoring, Dave and Cheryl bring a new thought process to owning a business and owning your life. Together they live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and through their parent company own Catalyst Group, Inc., home of Wise Business Leader. Watch for the newest book Gone for The Gold: Self-evident truths for living and working coming soon. Questions? Email the Wise Business Leader (a.k.a. Dave Favor).

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