Wise Owl Advice: There is Always More

We get involved when people call us because they are unhappy and dissatisfied. Usually, they are at a cross-roads in their lives where what they have accomplished seems pointless, but they can see no way to make it change in the future. This can be exhibited by working too hard with little results, no forward motion, or extreme unhappiness with their choice of a career or life. You answer enough of these calls, and you get pretty good at spotting the trends.

We watch our family circle and we see far too many of our family and extended family and friends struggling to make it through life and they are raising their children in the same environment. There is a sense of hopelessness that they are stuck exactly where they are. We fear this is just an on-going circle with the newest members of our family. Our clients are no exceptions.

What makes people change? We believe there are events or “crisis events’ that cause you to take stock. Life crisis can be for example when you are 30 to 35 and college is over with, you have made choices you feel stuck with, and you see many years ahead of you without change. You are not unhappy but are you happy?

Another life crisis we see is when people are in their 40’s and 50’s and they feel there is nothing left to see or give. Life simply is. And for some reason or other they can’t see hope of a different way to live. They are scared, feel locked in, and don’t see how they can change.

And we think there is a life crisis at about 65 to 70 when you recognize your mortality and feel you have run out of time.

Each of these belief crisis (and there could be others triggered by events), makes you stare your life in the face and make a change. You have to decide if you stay on the same road or do you take a different journey. When there is no hope there is no change.

We wish we could tell you we see only certain types of people are affected but we don’t. We work with people with or without higher education. We work with people from professionals to small business owners. We have sat with so called people of fame and we drank beer with a truck driver (By the way the trucker driver seemed a bit more grounded in reality). Everyone at some point questions the path they are on. This is a healthy thing. If you don’t change in some manner it is unhealthy.

We are also an instant gratification society; young and old alike. We don’t want to plan and build and work for future gratification – we want it all and we want it now. It has absolutely nothing to do with work ethic (a whole other book we intend to write). It has absolutely everything to do with reward and “THE PAY OFF” while we can enjoy it.

So here’s the truth: There is always more up until the day you die and then after. We simply don’t know what it is. You have to have an attitude or a belief there is something out there just for us and there is. Don’t worry about being happy, worry about being joyful with a purpose in life.

Is there more? You can bet your last dollar on it. There “is more” whether you are 30, 40, 50 or even 60 or 100! We have a secret belief medical science will cure death so why should I not think there is more? Because once you understand the process, understand that success is always fluid and always growing, and understand that true happiness comes from converting dreams into reality then you will always ask the question “Is there more?”

A belief there is more creates change. Change promotes growth. People should not be afraid of change. Rather to be healthy, wealthy and wise, you have to be constantly changing because you will be constantly growing.

About the Authors

Owls were considered creatures of wisdom and Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone are no exception as they write as The Wise Owls. With almost a century of experience together in business and life mentoring, Dave and Cheryl bring a new thought process to owning a business and owning your life. Together they live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and through their parent company own Catalyst Group, Inc., home of Wise Business Leader. Watch for the newest book Gone for The Gold: Self-evident truths for living and working coming soon. Questions? Email the Wise Business Leader (a.k.a. Dave Favor).

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