Dads come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be big and tall, small and mighty. They can be all sorts of shapes.  They can be funny, wise, sad, serious or just be.  They may be the kind that spends lots of time at home or have a hard time getting home.   They can be stern or compassionate or funny or serious.

There are Dads out there who do not have children around them but have had the opportunity to witness the miracle of pregnancy of their child but never saw their child. Or maybe they lost their child before their time.   These Dads seem to know how special it is to be a Dad.  They need honoring the most.

There are Dads out there who are serious Dads to their pets, from dogs to cats to well, just about everything. Amazing how the animal population can seem to know a Dad.  Being a Dog Dad or a Cat Dog or a Whatever Dad is just about as serious as it can get.

There are Dads who yell  and shout(seems someone did not teach them an ‘inside voice) and Dads who don’t have to say a word.  There are Dads who let you stand on their shoulders to reach new dreams and those that hold your hand to help you cross dangerous roads.  Even Dads who let you ride roller coasters so you know that even the scariest things can be safe.

There are All Time Dads who are Sometimes Dad.  These Dads get blessed with children in their lives from other people whom they love.  They accept them as if they are their own and hold them close to their heart.  These Dads are special.

There can be Dads because of time and circumstances  didn’t  do the job that you wanted them to do.  That is perhaps where we learn that Dads need to be forgiven as well.

There are Dads who don’t know how to be dads because no one taught them.  They don’t know how to show they love their child but it is there in their heart.  They know it is important but can’t let it out.  Those are the Dads you really feel bad about and want  to say it is okay, we love you just the same.

And there are Dads that no one told them they had a child or who have been denied access to their child . Those need special hugs because they have lost out on so much.

There are Dads who go to church every Sunday and dads who play golf on Sunday.  There are Dads who know the importance of learning to be a good person no matter where you spend your Sundays. These dads are pretty special.

There are even Republican Dads, Democrat Dads, and some ‘not sure Dads’.  They may be a bit conservative or a bit liberal or down the middle.  Those Dads are really just trying to make the world a better place for us in their own way.  These Dads are okay just as they are.

I know there are Dads out there that say they don’t want to be a dad but have no choice.  I really think they do but it is easier to say they don’t.  Maybe you love them a bit harder and forgive a lot more.

There is no such thing as a perfect Dad.  In fact maybe that is what makes Dads special because they are just enough imperfect for the child who might be a little imperfect also.

There are Dads who have gone before us.  They are the ones whom seem to catch your heart at the oddest times because they seem to be the best Dads.   There is security in knowing those type of Dads are waiting up for us  when our time comes.  Because that is what Dads do.

There are all kinds of Dads and no matter which kind your Dad was, he is your Dad.  He may cause you to smile, shed a tear, or give you a catch in your heart but when all is said and done he is still your Dad.