Catalyst Connect: Serving Those Who Serve Us!

As those who follow us know, we have formed a group who are exploring the best ways to establish Catalyst Connect that will encourage others to join with us in reaching out to people one relationship at a time and helping.  Our first venture and main focus is helping military and their families.  We hope to have some informational pages up and running within 30 days.   In the mean time please know that the post office has a FREE large military box that ships for soliders that is 12×12 by 6 inches deep for $12.95.  This means that you could send books, magazines and heavier items very reasonably.   We are sending out 3 to 4 boxes this week.  And if you don’t know anyone..go to

We are currently researching at Duke & VA to see what help the wounded warriors and their families may need as they come to this area. 

We are incorporating the philosophy of random acts of kindness meaning there is simply no payback or recognition.  Just do it because it is the right thing to do!