Clarify your goals

I often wondered why theories like the law of attraction work. The only explaination I came up with is that we all have a limited ability to focus on ideas. I always have many distractions floating around in my head. Anyway these theories tend to focus our thoughts. Whatever the reason, these theories seem to work most of the time, but not all the time.
For example this weekend I wanted to install new air valves on the motor home, set up my reading room and correct some templates for one of my clients. My partner wants to clean the house, go shopping and get the car washed. I only have time to do three activities. Now I am in compromise mode trying to re-plan my day. So what really happened here?
A lot of effort went into our passion list and lifetime plan. The first test I need to do is determine which of the six items align with our goals and toss out those that do not match or find more time. Next I have to prioritize the items. On the first pass I toss out the reading room and house cleaning or put them way down on the priority list. This is where you discover that there is no real agreement on the goals and priorities even if you think the lifetime plan is agreed to. What you find out is that there are different visions attached to the lifetime goals. Let’s say that one of the lifetime goals was to enjoy music. One person visualizes a Christian music festival and another visualizes an opera. You must make your lifetime goals clear as well as obtain agreement. Often people keep goals hidden believing that they are understood. Do not assume.