Can you have multiple visions?

I do not see a problem with multiple visions as long as they support each other in some way. I do not think they can be totally isolated and definitely can not be a negative influence on each other. I do not see a problem with having a vision for my life, a vision for my business and a vision for my relationship or family. If you go through the long range planning and do not discover any conflicts that should be fine. The only caution I would raise is the amount of time dedicated to each and the priority assigned to each. You will probably have one predominant vision and that I suggest will be your life or your own personal vision. I would assume that your values are constant or the same for each vision.
I would think through how these visions support each other and how they will work together. One of the activities you will get involved with is looking at time allocated to see if you are on track. One of the problems that will frequently come up is that the days and weeks go by and you have not allocated any effort on your vision. Remember that a vision contains a purpose and a destination. If you do not allocate any effort you will not fulfill your purpose. If you have multiple visions you could dilute your time so much that you don’t fulfill any of them. So you need to do some time management. With multiple visions this task becomes even more important.